After Workout Meals: Knowing How to Keep Those Fats Burnt


Hunger is a common feeling after a sweaty workout. But beware! The calories you burned during the workout might come back sooner than you can think with the wrong choices of food to eat after working out.


Researchers suggest that after a workout, snacks with combination of protein-rich and low-glycemic fats are the best choices. But choosing post workout snacks will depend on the intensity of workout you have done. For example, if you performed an hour or two of strenuous workout, you would need to replenish your energy to help you prepare for the next activity. On the other hand, you would not need a post workout snack after a light 15- to 30-minute treadmill walk. Your next regular meal is already enough to fill the energy lost.


Refueling your body’s energy is important as it allows you to regain lost energy burned in the process of exercise. Think of a small granola bar as your reward after a nice workout.


Eating after a workout is fine; just be careful not to exceed the serving.


Studies show that women have the tendency to eat more after exercising. While it is easier for men to burn calories and lose body fats through workouts, it is harder for women to keep fit through exercise. Aside from this, women always crave for more food after a workout routine. Thus, when some women are not careful in choosing their post-workout snacks, they are most likely to double up their food intake after a tiring round of exercise. Some women feel energized after a workout but the downside for them is that they feel more hungry than usual. Gym instructors say that it is normal for women to crave for foods that are sweet and heavy after a visit to the gym, such as chocolate bars or pasta. With these tendencies, it is important to be wise and health conscious in picking your post-workout food stuff.


Recommended post-workout snacks are whole-grain bread or pasta, zero-fat yoghurt, oatmeal, granola bar, less-fat cheese, fat-free peanut butter, or a slice of deli meat. Just be sure to combine protein and low-glycemic carbohydrates with these foods.


The best time to eat your post-workout fix is 15 minutes after you step out of the gym as glycogen energy lost during the workouts are replaced swiftly during this brief period of time.


Drinking plenty of water is also advised so as to replenish the liquids lost in your body due to workout sweating.