How to Deal with Influenza


Influenza or the flu is an infection that almost always brings about fever, body aches, cough, chills and headaches. It can also cause sinus problems and ear aches sometimes.

Causes of Flu

The flu is basically caused by the influenza virus. Normally, the flu may only last for a week or two, but for some people, it can be quite serious and a may actually be a symptom of a more complicated condition. The presence of flu may be quite alarming if the sick person is one older than 65 years of age, or babies and toddlers under the age of two, as well as adults and kids who are suffering from diabetes and asthma.

The Importance of Flu Vaccine

People who have weak immune systems or those who experience being sick frequently should have themselves vaccinated. If you get a flu vaccine, you will either be avoiding the flu altogether or if you do contract one, it will be the milder and faster kind. Remember however that if you get a vaccine or shot, be sure to get it every year because the flu virus changes every year so you will be needing a different one by the next. Since the virus is changing, the kind of vaccine shots are also made to adapt to the kind of enemy it needs to kill.

How is Flu Contracted?

The flu spreads around in little drops that come out from the mouth or nose of one with flue whenever he sneezes, laughs or coughs. When you breathe in some of these drops or touch your mouth after touching the drops elsewhere you will catch the flu.

How to Properly Manage Flu

  1. If you get the flu, be sure to get plenty and sufficient amount of rest. Relax in your bed or couch as much as you can.
  1. Also, be sure to ingest or drink lots of liquids, like water, broths and other healthy fluids. Moreover, take in healthy foods that can give you the essential vitamins and minerals to help strengthen your immune system.
  1. Remember also to take your medicine for your fever and your aches and pains according to your doctor’s instructions.
  1. If you feel that you are having trouble breathing and your muscles are hurting, be sure to see your doctor again.
  1. To insure recuperation, be sure to rest for the entire week or until you feel well and back to your normal, healthy self. Resting will facilitate your bodies healing and will make it easier for your immune system to gain strength in combating your flu.

Having a flu is a sign that your body is not well. Do not ignore signs of un-wellness. Make sure that you take necessary measures against flu to keep your body healthy at all times.